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"I Can't Find The Event" Photo Scavenger Speakeasy Hunt


Memorial Park Conservancy

E Memorial Loop Drive - Clay Family Eastern Glades Parking

(Paid Parking!)

Free Street Parking:

Feel free to attempt street parking somewhere near/along Crescent Drive & Blossom Street if you prefer.

*Entire roundtrip walking distance for the adventure of finding us & getting back to your car is about 1.5-2miles. If you are unable to do such a distance, feel free to message me or email me at and I will send you a closer parking spot with clues for just finding where we are meeting. You will not be able to win the 2 free drinks & prize, however.


-Starts at 6pm

-You MUST take a photo at each spot to prove you solved the riddles and participated in the entire adventure in order to qualify to be the first person/team to find me & win 2 free drinks & a prize.

-First person or team to find me at the end spot will win 2 free drinks (in total, not per teammate - I'll leave it up to y'all to fight over your alcohol) and an additional prize.

-Feel free to message me on Meetup, Instagram, or if you are absolutely lost AF. You will not qualify for the prize, however! LMAO.

-If you don't "Want to f*ck with this" then you can skip to the last hint. However, you won't qualify for the prize and I'll think you're kind of a bore (Kidding!)


Each number is a hint for that spot. So there are 5 spots in total, the 5th spot is our ending spot. You must take a photo of each spot to win!

Photo hints of each spot/number will be available on my Instagram - follow @meetwithmacey for a helping hand!

1. If you were the Wicked Witch of the East, you would take a picture on this Terrace, after all, she's an heiress. Over looking the lake, this is the perfect spot to take a break.

2. Congrats on finding location number one, however, the fun has just begun. If you're a Meetup stan, you know my husband likes to drink beer from a can. His dream home is nearby, it's made of aluminum and is sure to satisfy.

3. For the third location, this spot adds an "E" to these musical Grammy nominees. "Promiscous" & "If I Ain't Got You" are some of their hits. The first name and then last name in order are where this is. If I'm Like A Bird, this is the perfect park.

4. If you're feeling blue after all these clues, fear not and grab your bamboo - head over to a place that can help defend you. Grab a shot & take a photo inside, if you had a panda his movie name would coincide.

5. This ice cream shop is just down the street, stop in for something sweet. How few of you with find us based on this clue?

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