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Where To Drink In Houston During Dry January

Where To Drink In Houston For Dry January

Dry January is hard because this is arguably the month I want to drink the most.... it's cold, it gets dark by 6pm, and the festivities of the holidays are beyond us so now the joys in life must be sought out - ew, lol! However, the "New Year, New Me" mindset hits hard and I think many of us can relate to wanting to achieve healthiness and happiness in the new year.

Cutting out alcohol in January isn't so difficult in a city the size of Houston! Many bars, restaurants, and social events hop on the sober curious bandwagon & create an array of non-alcoholic drinks to sip. Often liquid courage means just having something cold and Instagram worthy in your hand! I've crafted this extensive list of the best mocktails + zero-proof cocktails in Houston (& the suburbs) so you can continue your social life sans booze!


Tiny Boxwoods

3614 W Alabama Street, Houston, TX

Tiny Boxwoods offers a wide selection of coffee, teas, and non-alcoholic options! Not only is the space beautiful, their patio is the perfect place to sip on mocktails. They also craft amazing salads & healthy dishes for those who chose to not only cut out alcohol but also junk food!

Nancy's Hustle

2704 Polk Street A, Houston, TX

Hands down one of the best places in Houston for mocktails & celebrating dry January! Nancy's Hustle offers crafted mocktails that will make you do a double take after one sip. The Butter Cup, Bullet Train, & Grapefruit Dagger are a few of the fun mocktails you can order! They also offer non-alcoholic beer options. This cozy, romantic bistro is sure to fill the void during dry January!

Wooster's Garden

3315 Milam Street

Perhaps the most expansive mocktail menu in town, Wooster's Garden boasts a wide range of drink options. Their eclectic ingredients will make you excited to try multiple mocktails. Take for example the "Mangos on a Sunday," which combines flavors of Mango, Nori, Coriander, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange Flower Water, Egg White! Yum! The ambiance and location make Wooster's Garden a perfect place to party & socialize with or without alcohol.

Tiny Champions

2617 McKinney Street, Houston, TX

A sister spot to Nancy's Hustle, Tiny Champions has a large zero-proof cocktail selection. Order The Winners Circle or Dreamsicle - just trust us on this! You will not be let down! Tiny Champions also has a seasonal food menu, meaning each time you visit can be a whole new experience. This is a must go-to spot for any foodie or mocktail connoisseur.


2410 Quenby Street Suite 100, Houston, TX

Okay let me be transparent here - this isn't a bar or restaurant. Sipple is a non-alcoholic "liquor" store that sells zero proof cocktail ingredients. Think brands like Ritual, Free Spirits, & more! If you're wanting to browse, make zero-proof cocktails at home, or expand your drink options - step into Sipple! Make sure to check out their events page because they often hold tasings & information sessions.

Whiskey Cake

Multiple Locations

Whiskey Cake is a great option if you are wanting to plan a family dinner or large group dining experience. They also have multiple locations in Katy, The Woodlands, & Stafford! The Jessica Wabbit, Ruby Slippers, or Hulk mocktails are made with delicious + fresh ingredients! Make sure to order the Goat Cheese Fondue, Farm Bird, and, of course, the Whiskey Cake!

Elixir Lounge Kava Bar

206 Main Street, Spring, TX (Old Town Spring Area)

Elixir Lounge provides that bar hangout vibe without any peer pressure or shenanigans given that they sell absolutely no alcohol! Their menu is filled completely with teas, coffees, mocktails, and non-alcoholic options. They are paving the way for sober "bar" spots! Located in Old Town Spring, make an entire day/evening of it by perusing the local shops as well!

The Cellar Bar

3140 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX

Boasting a wide ranch of 0.0 options, The Cellar Bar is a perfect spot for meeting for "cocktails." The best part - you can still get a bit wild with their drink options because The Pineapple Express and multiple other mocktails contain CBD oil. Feel relaxed without the hangover! They also offer Run Wild IPA (zero proof), energy drinks, and additional beverage options. The Cellar Bar is dog friendly so make sure to bring your furry friends with you!

Dish Society

Multiple Locations

Don't forget brunch! Maybe mimosas are out, but juices are in! Dish Society is a great brunch option spot for the sober curious. They offer juice options and multiple mocktails, such as the "Faux-Jito" or "Butterfly Effect." They also have lunch & dinner meal options as well as a kids menu for those looking for a family friendly spot.


807 Taft Street, Houston, TX

Enjoy an upscale dining experience at Bludorn - complete with fancy drinks! Their zero-proof cocktail selections are served just as impressively as their alcoholic counterparts. Using ingredients like fennel-sage foam, makrut leaf, and smoked cinnamon, their bartenders know how to handcraft a perfect drink.

Flight Club

3515 W Dallas Street, Houston, TX

Have your fun & drink it too! Plan a night out with friends by playing darts & trying multiple non-alcoholic cocktails at Flight Club. They offer multiple mocktail options as well as the very trendy Athletic Brewing n/a beer options. Enjoy a flatbread, play some darts, & - most importantly - skip the next day hangover!

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