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Top 50 Houston Instagram Captions

It's 2023 and, shockingly, there is still high demand for great Instagram captions. You would think by now we would be over these silly little descriptions that grace the bottom of our photos. How else will someone know that we are a comedic genius who can cleverly describe what's happening in a photo/video in 50 characters or less?!

Houston rarely makes any top bucket list places to visit, however there is still so much charm & history to be found in this diverse city! If you're going to visit or tour the area, might as well keep a few good Instagram captions in your back pocket. Houston - known as "Hou" - makes it really easy to come up with a unique caption. Simply change any sentence with the word "You" to "Hou" and VOILA! Hou just made a creative, unique caption! Make it your own - Hou can amaze your followers!

If you don't want to come up with your own captions, feel free to browse my list of top Houston Instagram captions. Some are play on words. A few are perfect for visiting NASA, a beach day at Galveston, attending a crawfish boil, and seeing the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. From funny captions to serious captions, this list has plenty of Houston-inspired descriptions to choose from to make your Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook posts complete!

  1. "Houston, we have no problem exploring this amazing city!"

  2. " I love HOU"

  3. "Falling in love with the energy of Houston."

  4. "Houston: where diversity thrives and dreams take flight."

  5. "I want be loved Bayou"

  6. "Houston, we have no problem... except maybe with our traffic!"

  7. "I'm space-ing out in Houston"

  8. "Houston - you are so Bayou-tiful!"

  9. "One small step for man, one giant leap for Instagram."

  10. "In the land of cowboys and skyscrapers, Houston steals the show."

  11. "Houston is the energy that keeps Texas shining bright."

  12. "Life in Houston is un-bayou-lievable!"

  13. "Houston, we have a traffic jam!"

  14. "Exploring Houston is a space-tacular adventure."

  15. "HOU better believe it!"

  16. "Embracing the energy and diversity of the H-Town life."

  17. "Having a Tex-cellent time in Houston!"

  18. "Houston, where the Tex-ture of life is full of flavor!"

  19. "Houston, we got a problem - I never want to leave!"

  20. "Houston - where every road leads to another construction zone."

  21. "In Houston, the humidity is the real MVP."

  22. "Can't imagine life without HOU"

  23. "HOU make my dreams come true"

  24. "City lights and downtown nights in Houston."

  25. "Houston, where we go from 0 to 100 degrees real quick."

  26. "Houston - the city where the weather is as unpredictable as my love life."

  27. "Houston - where parallel parking is an extreme sport."

  28. "Houston - where the only thing hotter than the weather is the salsa."

  29. "Houston - we have a traffic problem... and it's not rocket science!"

  30. "Houston - the city that can turn a 10-minute drive into an hour-long adventure."

  31. "I don't need a gym membership in Houston; I get my cardio from dodging potholes."

  32. "Thank HOU for the amazing day!"

  33. "Houston - where the mosquitoes have formed a secret society."

  34. "Houston's food scene is as diverse as its people, and I'm here to taste it all."

  35. "I came to Houston for the food, stayed for the traffic, and now I can't find my way out."

  36. "Everything's bigger in Texas, including my appetite for tacos."

  37. "Don't mess with Texas... unless you want a taste of my sassy side."

  38. "Houston - where the traffic jams have become my personal meditation sessions."

  39. "In Houston, everything is out of this world!"

  40. "No bull about it, Houston knows how to steer up some fun!"

  41. "Houston, you're a bayou-tiful backdrop for my photos!"

  42. "Lost in the stars, found in Space City."

  43. "Houston has big big energy!"

  44. "Love going to downtown H-town!"

  45. "Houston, we have laugh-off!"

  46. "Be Someone!"

  47. "I'll never leave HOU"

  48. "All I need are the 'Stros & Rodeo!"

  49. "Astroworld vibes, where the thrill never ends and the memories never fade."

  50. "The energy here is huge!"

  51. "Drilling into the good times!"

  52. "Don't be crude!"

  53. "Messy hands, happy heart! Crawfish season is here!"

  54. "I'm having a shell of a good time at this crawfish boil!"

  55. "Shell yeah, it's crawfish season!"

  56. Spaced Out!

  57. "In the land of cowboys and astronauts, Houston is the star."

  58. "It's giving space cowboy"

  59. "HTX is the absolute best!"

  60. "'Till all these fishes 'craw!"

Have some suggestions?! I would love to read them! Feel free to add more Houston-esque captions in the comments :) Use #meetwithmacey to share your posts with me! A lot of people think Houston is drab, but I find it to be fab. & your Instagram captions should be too!

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