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Guide to The Heights White Linen Night 2022

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Heights White Linen Night 2022 Guide
Houston Heights White Linen Night 2022 Guide

What is The Heights White Linen night?

Imagine every Houstonian that wished they lived in The Hamptons getting together and drinking an insane amount of White Claw while shaking their a** to a playlist most likely titled "Songs That Make Suburbanites Lose Their Minds" while dressed head-to-toe in the most linen-like fabric they own... that is the Heights White Linen Night. It might sound harsh, but that best describes what encapsulates the white linen night experience. In short, it's the most basic block party imaginable, and we can't freaking wait for it! Happening Saturday, August 6th; make sure to start prepping now!

Who attends?

Anyone who feels a perfect Houston Saturday wouldn't be complete without perusing the shops on 19th street and getting cocktails at The Heights Bier Garten attends this yearly event. It doesn't matter if you live in The Heights or not. White Linen night is for you if you adore this historic neighborhood. & also, if you love wearing boat shoes with Vineyard Vines polos, complete with Ray Ban sunglasses on top of your head when you go antiquing.

What's there to do?

Shop too much, drink too much, overeat - all of our favorite American pastimes. But, in all seriousness, there's quite a bit to do. Many shops and restaurants in the area offer discounts and special events. There is also an abundance of music and a continuous flow of alcohol.

What do you wear?

White Linen! Or as close to it as possible - meaning anything remotely a white shade will pass. Essentially dress like you want your entire ensemble to glow like a firefly under a black light, and you will fit right in. If you plan to dance or drink a little too much, consider wearing flat shoes or cowboy/girl boots (The one fashion accessory a Hamptonite would never be able to pull off, but us Houstonians rock).

Alright, I'm in! What's the perfect 2022 schedule?

Start on 19th street around 5 pm! Many boutiques stay open late and celebrate the occasion with complimentary cocktails for shoppers and special deals. Jubilee, Fly High Little Bunny, Eclectic Home, Manready Mercantile, & Bliss on 19th are a handful of local shops that usually participate each year. Grab a quick bite at CAVA or Torchy's Tacos before enjoying a few drinks at We Olive. By this time, 19th street should be filled with White Linen Night patrons, music, and festivities, including street/art vendors!

As the evening continues, I recommend bar hopping 20th street - start at Big Star Bar & make your way down! Cedar Creek, Bungalow Heights, Drift, McIntyre's. & Moonshine Deck will all have music, a social scene, a ton of themed cocktails/decorations, and patrons all wearing white (meaning neon EVERYWHERE).

White Linen Night usually ends precisely how you would imagine - hungover AF with a no longer perfectly white outfit due to some 21-year-old spilling their cranberry vodka while twerking next to you. However, it's such a fun time that you'll decide to return next year, albeit with bleach whitening pens and a better parking spot. So mark your calendars for August 6th and place your white linen attire order now! See ya there!

Love to plan?! Same. Here's how to make your WLN a success:

Plan to Uber! Parking is a nightmare. Although depending on what time you arrive/leave, Uber is also a nightmare. Pick your nightmare. If you plan to park, I recommend parking near the shop/bar/restaurant you plan to END the night at. While it might require walking or taking a quick ride share at the beginning of the night, it will save you a lot of effort, and you won't have to look for parking continuously. Presley's and Moonshine Deck have large parking areas. Street parking gets filled up fast. Bring cash!

WLN is not the place to wear those cute white strappy heels sitting in your closet. Barhopping 20th street requires quite a bit of walking on grass/unpaved roads and most bars are going to have live music = dancing. Save your feet and your nice white shoes, bring out the boots or sandals for this!

If you want to go just for shopping and a nice bite, plan to arrive much earlier in the evening. 5pm should be perfect. Make reservations ahead of time and you can beat the crowd + have a stress free evening.

Follow me on Instagram / TikTok @meetupmacey for Houston tips, events, and recommendations! Join my Meetup group so you can make friends and an awesome social life. See ya at WLN The Heights 2022!

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