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224 Things To Do In 2024

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

It's here! My annual list of things to do, try, create, and experience in the new year! This list replaces resolutions - which often end faster than they began. A New Year offers a fresh slate. A wise friend once told me, "You're under no obligation to be the same person you were a second ago." For the last nine years, I've been crafting this list to inspire others to continually learn, try, create, and experience in their life. We shouldn't be trying to get a new habit to stick in 10 days or instantly being a better person. We should just be trying - new things, new experiences. We should be learning and creating constantly so that we get to a place where we don't have to "make" a resolution.

This list contains 2024 trends and things to do in 2024. I strive to make this list accessible to all - regardless of income, age, relationship status, preferences, lifestyle, whatever! With the help of the internet & social media, this list is more achievable than ever. I pride myself on never repeating an item (with a few exceptions) from previous years to keep the list fresh and build off of the trends/situation of that year. If you're looking for 2024 New Year's resolutions, this list can inspire you to go deeper! If you find yourself bored or need excitement at any point, this list will be waiting for you!

It's that time of the year to start your 2024 journey with my comprehensive list of New Year's resolutions and goals. Discover tips, inspiring ideas, and experiences to make this year successful. Put your best foot forward, boost your well-being, and embrace a new chapter in your life. Let's make 2024 a year we will always look back on fondly. Cheers!

To Learn...

1. To increase attention span

2. Compromising

3. How to reach out to someone you've been missing or thinking about (Just have a glass of wine & pick up the dang phone!)

4. All about micro plastics & how to reduce their use in your daily life

5. British Slang

6. Everything about the Mid-Century modern trend as it makes a comeback

7. How to draw what you see

8. About Ukraine & Russia (Each one's history, political ideologies, etc from multiple & diverse sources)

9. About Israel & Gaza (Each one's history, political ideologies, etc from multiple & diverse sources)

10. Ways to accelerate learn various subjects

11. How to win at Chess

12. Logic mastery

13. Pyrography

14. How to quilt with panels

15. Euchre

16. The Kaizen Mentality

17. To roll your "R"s

18. Sustainable Fashion

19. Low-water landscaping

20. More about electric cars

21. Chinese character writing

22. Food styling when it comes to serving a nice meal

23. All about Formula One Racing

24. Cast iron cooking

25. Epidemiology

26. Ways to beat burnout

27. Digital etiquette

28. Your Enneagram personality

29. Various medical terminology

30. About elder care as you age to prepare for taking care of family members, loved ones, those in your community, etc

31. Ways that YOU can save money (Based on your own needs, desires, etc)

32. The basics of fundraising

33. Basics of a topic that you've never understood

34. About penny stocks

35. To stop trying to be understood

36. To play glass armonica

37. A traditional craft

38. How to escape from a straight jacket

39. Hand show puppetry

40. Cutting a watermelon perfectly

41. Card flourishing

42. Sleight of hand

43. Astrophotography

44. Double exposure photography

45. Music theory

46. How to respect nature

47. Your own cultural heritage

48. To have better balance

49. Reading the room in every situation

50. To solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded

51. How one reverse brainwashes

52. To build model ships

53. How to remember to correctly spell that one word you always misspell

54. The Procreate software

55. Dance choreography to a favorite song

To Try....

56. Escaping the minimalist home trends & making your home fit your unique style

57. Growing a Bearded Iris in the Spring

58. Wearing a power suit & rocking it!

59. Getting into electronic jazz

60. Waiting a few days before leaving that review, posting that rant, etc

61. Vermouth in a new cocktail

62. The App "Beer With Me" to catch up with friends more often

63. Succotash

64. Meal prepping by making seasonal weekly oven bakes using seasonal veggies, spices, etc

65. Reading a book from a different decade each month (1900s-to now!)

66. Getting an internship or part time job in a career/industry/hobby that you've always been interested in

67. Completing a grammar workbook to keep your language skills UTD

68. Whittling

69. Wine Tannin remover drops to rid the wine hangover

70. Wassail

71. Cuticle Oil

72. Building an herb garden

73. Hand dyeing yarn

74. Minecraft

75. Coin collecting

76. Fly fishing

77. Sports betting

78. Fortnite

79. Making homemade sausage

80. Dialectical behavior therapy

81. Spending the night somewhere "Haunted!"

82. Taoism

83. Ayurveda

84. Getting lifeguard certified

85. Using under eye patches

86. Frequently using Telehealth services to keep your health in check

87. Constructing your own language (Think J.R.R. Tolkien!)

88. Mastering a circus skill

89. Making homemade mulled wine or cider

90. Catching fish by "Noodling"

91. Yarn bombing a public spot

92. Trampoline aerobics

93. Making your own trends instead of following others

94. Educating yourself on a trending social issue

95. Resolving an ongoing conflict in your life

96. Setting a goal for each week instead of the entire year

97. The elephant toothpaste experience

98. Laughter yoga

99. Clean tagging (Where you clean a dirty public space/surface)

100. Starting your day listening to an upbeat, motivating song

101. Lavender Honey Ice Cream

102. Adding culinary foam to your sauces & desserts

103. Squid ink pasta

104. Making vegetable-centric meals for an entire week

105. An Earl Grey Martini

106. Asking ChatGPT what you should do/cook/read/watch the next time you're bored & don't want to make a decision

107. Learning something through a "Failure Celebration" (Where you celebrate your failure with a party or fun activity and then try again!)

108. A 2024 trend that keeps popping up

109. Waving and saying hello to your neighbors more often

110. Bubble soccer

111. Making jelly cake

To Create....

112. A diamond painting coaster set

113. Eclectic bookshelf decor by building a DIY Book Nook Kit

114. Hand holding casting sculpture of you and your partner/BFF/family member/etc

115. Friendship bracelets (Shout out to all my Swifties) for all your BFFs

116. Art from a "Paint By Sticker" book

117. Your own custom print outfits & fabrics using the site CowCow

118. An outdoor garden/yard/patio area that encourages insect life

119. A space in your home decorated with a tapestry

120. Communal art

121. Your own sketch comedy

122. Voice memo or tape recordings of stories from your family, loved ones, friends, etc

123. A home & life filled with good bargains & quality items using the estate sell website

124. A memory stone of a loved one

125. An In/Out list of 2024

126. A shared poem with a friend

127. A grievance journal (Opposite of a gratitude journal)

128. Butter Candles for a fancy dinner

129. Knolling art pieces

130. A playlist of all your favorite 2023 songs

131. An expansive cookbook with recipes from your friends/family, your favorite shows/celebs, etc

132. A photo album of 2023

133. A dvd/cd collection of your favorite movies, tv shows, music so you don't have to keep purchasing them monthly from streaming services

134. Your own custom game using Flowlab

135. A plan for your "Later" years

136. A historical walking tour of some place you love in your town/hometown

137. Customized throw pillows

138. Altered books (Where you add artwork or cut/fold pages in a book)

139. Charcoal drawings

140. A still life painting

141. Spray painting art

142. Your own murder mystery story/dinner party & hosting with friends

143. DIY lava lamp

144. A one-sentence journal (Write one sentence to describe each day)

145. A "Commonplace" box where you keep quotes, tidbits, etc that you find on a daily basis

146. Edible water bubbles

147. A list of your 2024 favorite memories as they happen

148. A comedy roast night for you and your friends

149. Unique custom perfume by perfume blending

150. Personalized bookmarks for every book your read

151. Fabric scrap canvas art

152. Custom rubber stamps to put on letters & notes

153. Digital glitch art

154. Crazy poems that have no meaning/depth

155. An alien themed plant terrarium

156. Random object assemblage art

157. Sculptures out of recycled materials

158. Fun/unique storylines for the Sims game (& play them out!)

159. Solar-powered light art

160. Scented art installations

161. Living moss picture

162. 3D artwork by gluing an object onto a painting or canvas

163. A "Get Your Sh*T Together" Binder

164. Homemade laundry detergent

165. A Life360 account with you & your close friends + family

166. Your own bread making recipe

167. A community newsletter

To Experience...

168. A return to nature

169. Seeing or doing something that you had to postpone during the pandemic

170. Developing a love for Independent Cinema

171. Deleting apps like Shein & Temu that further the fast fashion & cheap labor/quality agenda

172. The "Buy Nothing Project" - where you swap, trade, etc in your community without spending money

173. Taking a food handling class

174. Hatching chickens

175. Playing all 48 races in one sitting of Mario Kart

176. A spaghetti bridge building competition

177. Jumping in a bouncy castle as an adult

178. Celebrating World Goth Day

179. Donating to Operation Smile

180. Donating to a free organization/cause you often use (Like Wikipedia!)

181. Mastering zero waste cooking

182. Watching & rooting for your country in the 2024 Paris Olympics

183. Participating in green cleaning all year (Reducing exposure to toxic chemicals)

184. Developing self-compassion

185. Understanding a subject so well that you could teach it to a five year old - sometimes being able to explain something in the simplest terms means you understand the most!

186. Getting professional photos done of you & your friends!

187. Driving a slingshot

188. Joining a local social club

189. Remembering a random memory that makes you genuinely LOL

190. Urban Exploration

191. Finding an awesome new street truck/vendor

192. Finding a hidden gym in your town or state

193. Nighttime kayaking

194. Throwing a fake party (Divorce, wedding, retirement, whatever!) just for fun!

195. Altruism

196. A local boat or walking architecture tour

197. Visiting a very odd/unique museum

198. Reading "If On A Winter's Night A Traveler" by Italo Calvino

199. Going on a book store crawl

200. Throw a Parallel Universe party where you and your friends

201. Have a cult classic movie marathon weekend

202. Perfecting your hand stand

203. Making your home & office accessibility friendly

204. A jousting tournament

205. Participating (or throwing!) in a pillow fight flash mob

206. Going on a flashlight tour of your town or another town at night

207. A costume running race

208. Constructing/Memorizing a perfect anecdote to always have on hand to share

209. An affordable electricity bill by letting your laundry dry outside/on a rack

210. A silent retreat weekend

211. Having a solo picnic

212. Acroyoga

213. Surprising a friend with dinner

214. Providing a free workshop teaching something new to seniors in your area

215. A community art project

216. Losing your voice at a concert

217. A clothing swap event

218. Laughing on a daily basis like we did as kids

219. Listening to live stories shared on

220. Making better purchasing decisions using the Buycott website/App

221. Celebrating & decorating for a holiday that you've never celebrated before

222. Participating in the 100 Day Art Project

223. Spending one weekend every month sans phone

224. The peace with knowing 2024 is only one year & you have many years to come- this is just one chapter in your book and if you haven't done something yet, it doesn't mean you won't

Thanks for reading this year's list! May some (or all!) of these 224 suggestions inspire you to pick up a new hobby, learn new skills, create unique pieces, and experience different things.

Want to see the lists of previous years?! Here ya go:

Please note that discretion is advised for all items listed, some items might not be possible/safe/healthy for everyone to participate in.

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