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Think Building A Successful Meetup Group Is Hard? Think Again.

Meetup can be an extremely successful and useful tool rather you're wanting to advertise your business, grow your connections, generate leads, or simply find likeminded individuals who also want to read murder mystery novels and drink wine at a local cafe. You can get weirdly specific when searching for groups to join so the Meetup world really is your oyster.

I run the fastest growing Meetup groups in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. I currently have over 5,000 members across Texas. The number one question I get asked by other or potential Meetup hosts is, "How do you make money using Meetup?" and my response, "You don't!" 

It's true, I've tried it. You don't "make money" as a host on Meetup. It doesn't matter if you have fifty members or five thousand. Oh, but what about membership dues and ticketed events? Nope, still isn't going to make you any money. Why? Because the Meetup app is free for non-host users. Regular members don't want to pay dues for a number of reasons... they hate reoccurring monthly charges, don't want to commit, the list continues. However, the main reason your members don't want to pay dues is because even if they love your group, what they love most is the abundance of other FREE groups on Meetup. Even if you could convince a few hundred people to pay monthly dues, you're not going to be able to support yourself or provide planned group activities on such a low budget. 

If your reasoning for building a large Meetup group is for financial gain - go ahead and exit this page. Meetup is not some get rich quick scheme and their entire platform demonstrates that. Now, while you may not be able to make money through membership dues or tickets as a host, you can make money in the long run by generating leads, becoming known in your community, and being the host with the most. Wanna find out more? I thought so! Read on to learn more about creating your dream group, becoming established in your community, and find out how I quit my 9-to-5 job and became my own boss by hosting Meetups. 


Be Authentic

Dedicate Time

Decide What You Are "Selling"

As a host and group creator, your authenticity matters. Trust me, people can immediately tell by your introduction and events if you're dedicated as a host or just trying to advertise your MLM business. Find something you're passionate about and build your group around it. The success will follow.

I don't care how large of a city you live in, it's going to take time and dedication to grow your group into something that makes people go "Damn, this group is popular!" If you don't have the time to spend or the desire then stop while you're ahead.

Is it your business or personality? Are you trying to gain clients or generate word-of-mouth?  Because no matter what you're trying to sell,  it must be subtle and it can't take away from the group experience. You need to devise a set plan on how to market yourself, your business, and your group ahead of time so you can be prepared to reach Meetup success.

Unsure what to do next and how to go about creating these three components? I gotchu. 

I've crafted the perfect Meetup guide that includes everything from starting a group, creating unique events, building your brand, and even dealing with the headaches that come with being a host like banning members who break your group rules or dealing with internet trolls. There's way more that goes into Meetup hosting than just paying a monthly fee and posting a few events. I'm the host with the most and a Meetup expert who has been running groups with thousands of members since 2017 - trust me, I know it all. Purchase my guide, follow my advice, & I guarantee you will have one of the biggest & most successful groups in your city.

What My Meetup Guide Includes 

Confetti Girl

Let's Get It Started In Here

My Meetup Guide begins with an extensive chapter on starting your group from choosing a name that stands out, writing an attention grabbing description, and making your first event successful.

A Whole Lotta Ideas 

I've hosted hundreds of events in the last five years. My guide include a list of  unique event ideas categorized by time of year/category so you always have something to reference when you're tired of hosting the same 'ole events.


How To Make That Money Honey

Find out how to build a successful group that will generate business leads, spread your name around your community, and ultimately make you money! This guide includes every tip & trick!

Want A Bad A** Group?

Go Big Or Go Home. 

For $20.99 you will receive first hand experience & knowledge from a Meetup expert + all the information you need to make your group the talk around town.


My comprehensive guide includes the following:

  • An entire introduction on


    • Meetup group organizing

    • Hosting

  • The essentials to starting a group

    • Coming up with a catchy name

    • Writing an attention-grabbing description

    • Creating a brand within Meetup

  • The first 48 hours

    • What to expect​

    • Ensuring growth

  • ​Hosting your first successful event​

    • How to plan, execute, and conclude your first event as a host​

  • Maintaining & building your group

    • Following Up​

    • Creating future events with higher engagement

    • Building a social media presence & marketing routine

  • The nitty gritty

    • How to deal with unruly members ​

    • What to do when an event needs to be canceled or rescheduled

    • Ways to stay motivated in periods of growth lulls 

  • ​Making money as a host 

  • How to continue Meetup success once reached

  • Extensive lists to reference

    • Places to market/advertise your group outside of Meetup

    • Hashtags & social media buzzwords to gain more members

    •  Event ideas by time of year & category

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