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Floating the river! It's a super chillaxing (do the cool kids still say that or did I just age myself?) way to spend a hot summer Texas day.  We will be floating on Saturday (June 10th) from the City Park San Marcos River Access Point and floating about two hours to County Road 299. We can always drop our tubes again & float longer if we wish. We also will be doing some fun AF stuff around town including the San Marcos Outlet Shops & more!


I love y'all so much but I and many others do not want to be "stuck" to an entire minute-by-minute schedule on a summer vacation.  This is a very basic itinerary.  Feel free to come/go as you please. Feel free to bring a guest(s). Every member is responsible for getting their own hotel or airbnb & transportation. This itinerary is great for planning purposes and meeting up with our group throughout the weekend. 


Many members plan to arrive at some point on Friday. If you plan to arrive on Thursday, consider Thursday & Friday morning completely to yourself! 

Check-In to hotels, Airbnbs, or campsites.  Freshen up, afternoon to yourself!

Optional meet & greet happy hour at 6:30pm at Railyard Bar & Grill on 116 S Edward Gary Street, San Marcos. We might bar hop around "The Square" that evening as well depending on what the group feels like doing. 


11:30am - Float The River:

Meet at City Park San Marcos - 170 Charles Austin Drive. 

You can bring your own tube or rent one from Texas State Tubes, LoneStar Float House, and other local companies. I suggest reserving a tube or figuring out the logistics prior to the weekend. We will plan to arrive at 11:30am to sunscreen up, get ready, & have our tubes. We will plan to "Float" at 11:45am. If you want to try to float with majority of the group, please arrive on time at 11:30 to park & meet up with us!

Floating the river from City Park to County Road 299 is a two hour trip. You may want to pack a cooler with drinks, water, snacks, etc for floating with. You can get out an an earlier access point if you prefer. At County Road 299, we will plan to exit and take a shuttle back to the City Park Access Point. Shuttles are usually included in your tube rentals.  More experienced tubers can continue further, however it can be more "dangerous" waters. We can then either float again or call it a day.

6:30pm - Very Chill Wine Tasting @ The Grapevine (1612 Hunter Road, New Braunfels)

The Grapevine is walking distance to Gruene River Grill for dinner. They have a decent selection of wine & do tastings. There are also shops & scenery to peruse until dinner! 

7:30pm - Dinner @ Gruene River Grill 

If you plan to attend dinner, please let me know so we can add you to a reservation. 


Check-out of hotel/airbnbs/campsites if planning to leave on the 11th. 

11:30am - Brunch 

Optional shopping at the San Marcos Outlets for anyone who loves a bargain to follow brunch! 

Late Afternoon: Head back to Houston or potentially grab an early dinner in Austin before heading back to Houstons. Plans TBD. 


I'm an only child so I totally respect the fact that we're all adults and everyone has a different budget & idea in mind when it comes to vacations. Each member should consider their own preferences for this trip. I do encourage you to bring a friend or family member or find a friend in the group to room with or split an Airbnb. Use the WhatsApp & group chats to find a potential roomie! 

This same advice goes for transportation! If you prefer to drive yourself and have your own car, I would recommend that. Otherwise, carpooling is something many members will probably be down to do. Please use discretion & logic when picking your carpool & roommates! 

For a hotel, I would recommend The Wingate by Wyndham San Marcos.  At the moment, it is $151 a night. With a roomie (or two!) this could be split and be very reasonable pricing for a single person going. This hotel is a 10 minute drive to the river floating access spot, 8-10 minutes from The Square, & 20 minutes from dinner on Saturday night. You could probably walk (1.3 miles) to bar hop The Square or easily get an Uber. 


What To Pack:

Swimsuit, summer clothes, water shoes (For the floating), a cooler, sunscreen, mosquito spray, water, hat, sunglasses, and anything you want for a vacation weekend. 

When To Book:

Because everyone is responsible for their own lodging & transportation, I'll leave that up to you! I recommend booking sooner than later because a lot of people like to float the river & it gets crowded + more expensive the closer summer comes.

Is This A "Meetup?":
Yes & no. The above itinerary is official. However, this is a very chill weekend & everyone is responsible for their own free time & reservations.

Physical Aspects Of Floating The River:

Please consider your own health & swimming skills before deciding to float the river. You are welcome to join us for the other events if you wish not to float. There might be parts where the current is strong or your tube could flip. 

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