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Let's Go Girls!


She (didn't) say yes!

What is a "fake-chelorette" party? It's where you dress up as a bride or bridesmaid and pretend to be celebrating a Bachelorette party. You can wear the silly shirts, bring out the male body decor, sing your heart out to Dolly Parton - whatever speaks "Bachelorette" to you! Feel free to dress as a bride, bridesmaid, whatever! This year, I'm also making matching shirts available for anyone who wants to match :) 

The Details

Saturday, August 12th
Dean's Downtown
316 Main Street, Houston TX
Bar Hop To Follow!

This event is ladies only given the d*ck straws & debauchery. We will be barhopping Main street, starting at Dean's and letting the music (& wedding bells!) guide us to our next spot!


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*Please note food/alcohol not included!

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Wanna match?!

Get a celebratory matching shirt to wear here!

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